Why Loyal Perks?

Our Story

I created Loyal Perks out of a passion for helping small businesses.

Over the past 10 years I’ve worked with 100’s of Local Businesses helping them create websites and market their business and it’s become harder and harder for small businesses to compete against large chains who can spend tens of thousands on marketing campaigns each month.

So I set out to create a simple system that would stop customers leaving you without leaving a review, or without any incentive to return.

Time after time I would visit businesses and think – “Why didn’t they ask me for anything?”

Just ask

By simply asking for a name and email, it can transform your business.

You capture the customers name and email, and Loyal Perks sends them an email asking to leave a review.

You can send them a reward for reviewing, i.e 10% off your next visit.

This starts building a list of customers that whenever you have an upcoming promotion, you can simply send it to everyone in a couple of clicks.

Best of all, they all get a unique perk code which you can redeem when they visit.

Nothing fancy, or overly complicated, just a simple, efficient simple system.